It is with great pleasure that we welcome the Rev. Michelle James to our family of faith, and to our pulpit on her first Sunday as our new Supply Pastor.  Michelle is approaching her 25th anniversary of ordination and we are very pleased and excited to have her continue her journey in ministry with us. Since we are together, yet apart, we invite you to the church for a “Socially Distant” but personal welcome one of the next two Sundays. Michelle – we welcome you with open arms and grateful hearts. We thank you for choosing Faith.

Call to Worship

Give to God your thanks and praise!
For it is God who saves. . . .
It is God who forgives. . . .
It is God who delivers. . . .
Give thanks and praise to the Lord!

How Great Thou Art

Prayer of Confession

Gracious and loving God, you lived for us, but we have not lived for you.  
You have forgiven us, but we have not forgiven others.
You have loved us, but we have not loved ourselves nor have we loved one another.
Have mercy on us and forgive us, loving God. 
Help us to forgive others, even as you have forgiven us.
Help us to live for you.  Help us to love through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Assurance of Forgiveness

God is merciful and gracious and is Lord of us all.
People of God, your sins are forgiven!  Thanks be to God!
Reconciled to the God who loves us, let us live and love through Christ our Lord.

Scripture Lesson: Matthew 18:21-35
Children’s Message 
(at the minute mark 7:00)
Sermon (at the minute mark 15:48)

Charge and Benediction

Walk in the strength and confidence that God guides your feet.
Therefore live for God—show mercy and love one another.

Breathe on Me, Breath of God-Mark Hayes, Arr. Gaspard