Living Waters for the World

An organization that manufactures water purification systems and trains missionaries how to install, operate and train locals in under-developed countries how to make clean drinking water for themselves.   The system takes water from surrounding lakes, filters and purifies it to become drinking water.

 Members of Faith Community go through training in the Living Waters Education facilities to become program managers, system installers/operators, or education trainers.  The team then locates a site where the system is needed and travels to Guatemala to install it within a week.  There is much training, planning and preparation involved but the reward of providing clean water to hundreds and thousands of people who need it is worth the challenges.  

The first one Faith Community installed was in 2017 at a church in San Lucas and the second in 2018 in another church in a nearby town Cerro de Oro. The third water purification system installation will be in February 2020 in a San Pedro Laguna church in Guatemala.