Mission Statement

The symbol of Faith Community Presbyterian Church of Novi represents the four aspects of the mission of the Christian life: Hearing God’s Word, Trusting God’s Word, Acting on God’s Word and Sharing God’s Word. Multiple representations of Christian imagery are included in the design: the flower, the cross, the heart, and the fish.

Hearing God’s Word

Although there are many ways in which we hear the Word of God, as a church we primarily experience it in worship and in study. In worship we come together to praise God and hear the Good News of God’s love for all of us. We feel worship should be a balance of our rich traditions and an openness to that which is new, exciting, surprising and free. Worship will be flexible but always done with dignity and thoughtfulness. In education, we will study God’s Word attempting to grow in Christian maturity, to become more thoughtful and compassionate Christians.

Trusting God’s Word

Hearing God’s word in itself is not enough. God’s word demands commitment. Therefore as a church we will continually strive for deeper commitment throughout our lives. We realize our faith will make demands on our time, our abilities and our money. In doing so, we will apply our faith in our daily lives … being reformed we will grow.

Acting on God’s Word

As a church family we will care for and about each other as an expression of God’s love for us in Christ. We will attempt to develop a closeness within the church which goes beyond differences of opinion or ideology, a closeness which shares both the celebrations and the defeats of our individual lives and our life together. Beyond the Church a basic Christian hope will focus our lives. We will be a strongly mission-oriented church, our concern will be to deal with the basic needs of people.

Sharing God’s Word

Our church will reach outward as a friendly, warm and open blend of peoples. It is important that we share our hopes and beliefs and grow to become a larger family. Avoiding judgments about the faith of others, we will seek to communicate the Good News not only in words, but through our whole life as a church.