While we pause from gathering together in one place, let us worship together each week with a service of scripture, music and meditation.

Mother’s Day

FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER CALL TO WORSHIP: We come together now to enter the presence of God, through whom all the families on earth receive their life […]

The Third Sunday After Easter

CALL TO WORSHIP: We gather on this day in this way, to give glory to the Godwho has dominion over all the earth. Although separate, ourhearts […]

Fear Not! Peace Be With You!

THE SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EASTER CALL TO WORSHIP: We are gathered in various places this day to worship God. Physically, we may be separate, but spiritually, we […]

The First Sunday After Easter

CALL TO WORSHIP:     It is the continuing Story of Easter that brings us together again on this day, for it is the Resurrection that makes us a Church […]

He is Risen!

EASTER SUNDAY CALL TO WORSHIP: CHRIST IS RISEN!  HE IS RISEN, INDEED!     We rejoice on this Easter morning, because God cared enough for us, to send the Son, so […]